Meet the wonderful team behind Centre Beauté Oasis

Mario Paul (owner)

Mario is the entrepreneur and designer of Center Beauté Oasis. His great experience, his skills as a unifier and a motivator have allowed the Center Beauté Oasis to expand since its opening in December 2018. Today the Oasis Beauty Center has a team not only in beauty care but also in Trichology and health care. Mario’s philosophy is to create a friendly and family atmosphere and a bond of belonging between all self-employed workers and customers. His touch of humor and his ability to listen leave no one indifferent. If you see him, don’t hesitate to say hello.

Caroline Gendreau (owner)

Hairdresser since 2014, Caroline has acquired an accomplished experience as much as a STYLIST and COLORIST. If you want a bigger change, either for your hairstyle and/or coloring, she will be happy to look at all the possible alternatives and advise you on the best options. Caroline is one of our two expert and certified technicians in trichology with Térapo Médik products. Whatever the condition of your hair or scalp, she can give you answers and offer you a solution to all common hair conditions.

Sabrina Cousineau Charbonneau (manager)

Sabrina has been practicing her art as a Hairdresser and Barber since 2016. Attentive and attentive to your needs, she will be able to offer you a little wind of change if that is your desire. Sabrina is one of our two expert and certified technicians in trichology with Térapo Médik products. Whatever the condition of your hair or scalp, she can give you answers and offer you a solution to all common hair conditions.

Sylvie Meloche (assistant manager)

Certified beautician for more than 35 years, Sylvie remains passionate about this wonderful field. Specialized in electrolysis and technician in medico-aesthetic care, Sylvie works with Silhouet-Tone devices recognized for the cutting edge in technology, in order to offer you the best quality of her services. Sylvie is always on the lookout for all improvements in the fields of aesthetics, electrolysis and medical aesthetics. In addition to excelling in aesthetics, electrolysis and medical aesthetics, Sylvie is certified as a massage therapist.

Brigitte Brazeau (podiatrist)

Brigitte is one of the BEST PODOLOGISTS in Outaouais who helps restore the health of your feet. Young and old, worker or retiree, you feel pain, foul odors, which create discomfort, so do not hesitate to consult it before your situation worsens and comes to interfere your quality of life. Whether for ingrown nail problems, corns, calluses, cracks, nail fungus (onychomycosis), athlete’s foot, thick nails, or for a simple nail clipping, etc. our podiatrist will be able to advise you and take the necessary measures to remedy it.

Joanne Boudreault (physiotherapist)

Physiotherapy helps to treat many problems, it also plays a very important role in the prevention of certain injuries. Our physiotherapy professional can provide you with valuable advice that you can put into practice in your daily life to limit your risk of injury or pain. Know that when you suffer from a problem that impacts your daily life, it is important not to delay in consulting. Remember that the sooner you are taken care of, the more effective the treatments will be. Do not hesitate to contact our physiotherapy professional with over 30 years of experience.

Mélanie Gendreau (housekeeping)

Cleanliness in a company is one of the characteristics that reflects the services it offers. This is why the essential role of Mélanie allows the Center Beauté Oasis to be clean, tidy and safe when you visit it. As we often say, what is done in the shadows does not always receive his admiration. But on behalf of the management, we thank you with special attention for your distinguished work and your involvement within the company.
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Cancellation Policy

ATTENTION ! ATTENTION ! Please note our CANCELLATION POLICY: If you cannot attend your appointment or need to cancel or reschedule it, please notify us at least 24 hours in advance to avoid penalty fees. Failing to provide us with the minimum notice, (except in an emergency case) a fee of 50% for the service(s) requested in hairdressing and/or aesthetics will be billed to you during your next service. It is important to remember (WITHOUT PREJUDICE), when the company accepts that a client makes an appointment, this is a privilege granted to them and not a right that belongs to the clientele. Failure to notify us and/or not show up for your appointment deprives another client of having service in your place. We sincerely thank you for your understanding and cooperation. (819) 525-1760,